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Kathleen Rice Statement on Acquittal of President Trump

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Washington, February 5, 2020 | comments

WASHINGTON – U.S. Representative Kathleen Rice (NY-04) issued the following statement today after the United States Senate acquitted President Donald Trump in his impeachment trial:

"Today will be remembered as a solemn day for the rule of law in our country. By blocking witnesses and documents throughout this trial, Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans ignored the will of the American people and abandoned their constitutional duty to act as impartial jurors. An acquittal without a fair trial is no acquittal at all – it’s a cover-up. As a career prosecutor who spent decades in the courtroom, I’m stunned at this tragic distortion of our justice system. 

“Furthermore, what occurred in the Senate today has ramifications that go well beyond failing to hold President Trump accountable. This trial has set a dangerous precedent that any future president can now solicit foreign interference in our elections, extort our allies, obstruct legitimate congressional investigations, and operate outside the law without repercussions.

“I fear that this vote to acquit President Trump in the face of overwhelming evidence and absent a fair trial may be a grave turning point for the future of our democratic institutions.”

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